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book II in the Coco and Charlie Franks series


Unlike her drama-queen twin sister, Charlie Franks is always fine. At least she is until she has to start a new school, finds out she can’t ride her new horse, and gets told that her Mum has something totally weird wrong with her.
Charlie’s not A-OK. Not at all. And she can’t see how things are ever going to get better.

Winner of the 2017 CALEB Prize

This amazing is the sequel to ‘Love and Muddy Puddles’. Which is probably one of the most inspiring book for young teenage girls ever!!
From the point of view of Charlie Franks, (Coco’s twin sister) you see some difficult times of making new friends, jealousy and anger as there is a big change for the family and happiness and confidence when completions are won.
From riding horseback in a storm, to winning competitions, this book really takes you along. The main character, Charlie Franks, is 14 years old. Starting a new school isn’t as easy as it seems. The book is intriguing, unforgettable and completely relatable for teenage girls.
The author, Cecily Anne Paterson, writes amazing books that really show the problems that girls face all over Australia. It’s totally relatable and has a great action scene as she rides horseback in a storm through rivers during an emergency.
I’m this book I loved how the author gave such detail even to the little things. Especially the moral. Which for me was about having bravery and doing so much for the people you love. Charlie is so courageous and soon realises that it isn’t all about her in the world. Which, in my opinion, is one of the greatest messages to be sending out to girls.
I loved, LOVED, LOVED the book!!!!!!!. Honestly, it’ll be one that you’ll be reading under your covers with a flashlight. IMPOSSIBLE to put down!! Please read it!!! it’s inspiring, intriguing and unforgettable.
— Amazon Reviewer