Poor me

Yesterday Bright Eyes had a great morning, and a rotten afternoon. Something triggered off his anger - maybe he was tired*? - but he just spent the afternoon yelling at everything and everyone.

One of the things I find most difficult about him is the lack of 'prosody' in his voice. He is not able to fine tune his tone, pitch, expressions or volume. It's either on or off. And when it's on, it's loud and really really annoying.

I feel guilty about not liking his voice, and yesterday I lost it with him several times. Of course, this does absolutely nothing to help anybody. It makes him louder and angrier and gives me a sore throat and more work to do to calm everything down.

I was feeling very sorry for myself and rang my mum, whose first words were, "Oh, darling, you poor thing. I feel so sorry for you." Aaaah. With that, I could breathe again, and felt ever so much better. Thanks Mum!

*I think he probably was tired. He's been getting to sleep about 10.30pm and sleeping in until 9 for the last two months or so. But last night I couldn't believe that he was conked out at 8.30!!!