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Cecily Paterson is an engaging and down-to-earth speaker who loves to connect with her audience. She particularly enjoys speaking to women, teenagers and English-as-a-second-language speakers, and brings a well-researched and Biblical viewpoint to whatever topic she takes on. Her style is refreshingly honest while at the same time being wryly humorous.



Love, Tears & Autism

A personal account of her journey with her son's autism and how God is teaching her to love unconditionally. She can also bring relevant facts and hints about autism to the talk.

Grief and change

Drawing on the stories of Naomi, Moses, Paul and Elijah, she looks at how each of them grew with God through the major transitions in their lives.


Friendship should be easy, right? What happens when you hit roadblocks in your relationships? And why is it so important to have and to be a friend anyway?  Based on her book, 'Friendship' Cecily can speak on many different aspects of friendship. 


Lessons learned from living with a challenging child. Loving your child unconditionally and what the whingeing really means. Cecily brings a different view of tantrums and difficult behaviours, and helps parents to give their children what they really need.

Your life as a story

As a writer, Cecily has a unique insight into how the stories of her characters are planned. But how does God plan our 'stories'? And what does it mean to be part of His Story? 

Cecily will also prepare specific talks, according to requests. 



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christian speaker for women | engaging and down to earth

Cecily lives approximately 1.5 hours south of Sydney, NSW. She charges minimal fees for speaking, and asks that any travel or accommodation costs be covered and a table be available for her to sell her books. Please contact her to talk about speaking engagements and check out a recent talk here.


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