Some of my author buddies,
and writing-related sites I like

Jo-Anne writes Christian fiction and non-fiction for adults. Plus she’s just a really nice person. She’s been more than encouraging to me on my author journey.

Writer of some pretty fabulous kids’ picture books, and maker of a very proper cup of tea, Katrina is multi-talented. She sings, writes and runs a radio show in Sydney. Check out her latest children’s story, Lily’s Balloon - it’s gorgeous.

She says she’s not really a writer, but she’s created two pretty special Christian novels, which you should read, even if it’s just for the Bible storytelling parts.

This woman’s writing voice will blow you away. She’s lyrical, poetic and vivid. I wish she’d hurry up and finish her fantasy series. I’m a huge fan, even though I don’t read in that genre much.

She’s my old buddy from uni. In fact, she was the first friend I made at college. Somehow we both ended up as writers… who would have known? She’s working on some YA dystopian fiction. It’ll be good.

This is my ‘how to write’ site, complete with a free Write Your Memoir mini-course and an online Write Your Memoir proper course. Check it out for writing tips and an online writing community.

She’s an energetic writer who lives near me, with six Georgian romances under her belt. If you love Jane Austen, you should check her out.

Award winning kids books and non-fiction. Plus she has a very pretty website.