My experience and expertise includes:

  • editing and writing books, articles, press releases and advertising material.

  • blogging

  • proof-reading

  • structural edits

  • sub-editing

  • ghost-writing fiction, memoir, or non-fiction

  • advising on writing projects

  • setting up basic websites using Squarespace or Weebly

  • typesetting and designing print books using InDesign

  • laying out e-books

  • some advice on self-publishing

  • some cover art

Freelance editor, writer, ghostwriter for hire



(ps. Want to know what I'm really good at?)

I most love to work with a person who has a story to tell or a book half-written but who doesn't know what to do next. I'm a hand-holder who helps you through every step. If that's you, let's chat. I'm honest and encouraging and I do what it takes to get your story on the page.

I love to help people who've got an idea - or something to share with the world - and get them set up with a book and a plan to get it out there.

I love to help writers who are nearly there. They're committed to the process and learning as much as they can, but they know there's something still missing in their work, and they're prepared to listen to advice and do the work of rewriting with guidance, so their writing really shines.

As well as that, I love to mentor young writers - teenagers and young adults. You've taken music lessons and sports coaching before, so why not work with a writer? Contact me. Let's figure it out together.


CAN I help you with your project?


Writing's not easy.

It's a craft and a skill. Some people have it naturally, while others of us have to work at it, but there's always room for improvement, and plenty we can learn. Here are my three favourite books about writing. (Yes, they are affiliate links, but I only recommend things that I use myself, that I've learned from, and that I truly believe are worth the money.)


This book goes into helpful, practical detail about how to get rid of that awkward 'told prose' and bring the story to life. Also includes a fantastic list of 'trigger words' to be aware of and avoid.

The most brilliant book on plot structure, and eminently readable (and funny, which is always a bonus in my opinion.) It's about screenwriting, but the same principles apply to fiction and memoir.

When I found it, the 'aha' light went off in my brain. This book gives practical help on how to get your story off the page and into people's hearts. If you can connect with them, you'll keep your readers. And here's how.



Writing a memoir?

you Want to share your story, but you're not sure where to start?

There's a whole lot more to it than just sitting down at your computer and typing whatever words come into your head. I'll take you step by step through everything you need to know to write a memoir that will have readers hooked. Check out my course here.

write your memoir course online

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