Autism. Got to keep recording the improvements.

For the record, we have a few milestones to celebrate.

- Our holiday was a relative success. He left the house with everyone whenever we decided to go out (in previous years this has not always happened.) We went to a new place and there was no "I need to go home NOW" routine. We also had a long trip in the car, which we wouldn't even have attempted in years gone by.

- He spent two happy days at grandparents (thanks mum and dad) this week, survived and thrived, and came home in the same happy state as when he went. In other words, the stress was not too much for him and he didn't need a 'recovery' period afterwards.

- We had an extended family (cousins and such) lunch this weekend. He sat at the table with everyone, asked to get down at the right time, and had just about acceptable manners the whole time. And I wasn't sitting stressed on the edge of my seat trying to keep him calm and happy.

Honestly, last year this time, we still hadn't really achieved any of those things, so these are good steps forward.

So, yay.