Look at my face.

Had a conversation with Bright Eyes this morning about looking at other people's faces. I told him that you can usually tell from their faces whether they are interested in what you are saying.

I showed him a bored face and said, "This means 'not interested'." And then an animated face and said, "This means 'go on - tell me more'."

We then played a little game where he tried to guage my face for interest in his topic. He changed the topic about five times before he found something my face showed interest in. I was pleased. He does get the concept, so I might keep reminding him of it when he comes out with obsessive conversations.

I think I've noticed that he is actually telling me more 'news' of the day in the last two weeks. Previously all his conversation was about obsessive interests, but every day now I get two or three items of actual news - something that happened in the day or something that I didn't know before. This is a good step forward!