"He's a different child"

Today we had our annual progress meeting about Bright Eyes at school. The school counsellor, his class teacher, the principal and I all met to discuss his progress and what we want to see for next year.

It was pretty much a back-patting session all around. I'm delighted with our school. They are delighted with him and his progress. It's joy and happiness on all fronts.

This academic year, my boy has learned to work independently and in a group, has been on an overnight school excursion, has done public speaking, has gained in confidence and understanding, and is basically happy and uncomplaining.

I give his teacher a LOT of credit. From the very beginning she has trod the fine line of expecting a lot from him and yet not overburdening him with demands that he can't fulfill. He's gained in competence and had a lot of successes, both small and large. She's kept the room and her standards consistent and she's given him opportunities to challenge himself without allowing him to 'fall off' the edge into anxiety. It's been great that he's had two solid years with her. This time last year he could have gone on to another teacher, but I asked for him to stay back in the composite class and I think it was the right decision. Now he's ready to move on and do even more big kid learning.

The principal said that he still can't believe that he's the same child who came in (quite literally) kicking and screaming halfway through the kindergarten year. "I'd like to be able to take him and show him to other schools and say, 'this is how it's done, this is how it should work'," he said. 

I think it's been a synergetic combination of the right therapy at home, the right doctor, the right community and the right teacher in the right school, all at the right time. All brought neatly together by the God who cares enough to answer my big and little prayers.