Lots of positives

I'm extremely happy to say that we are in a great place at the moment. Since about week three of this school term, it's all been on the up and up for Bright Eyes. Let me share some of the highlights.

Good behaviour!

I was picking him up from school about a week ago. He normally runs up and thrusts his bag and paraphernalia into my hands and then runs off without so much as a hello, but this day he came right up to my face. "Mum, Miss S said I had great behaviour. I did good things."

"Wow, you sound really pleased about that," I said. "Yep," he said. Whereupon he thrust all his bag and paraphernalia in my hands and ran off. But he did have a smile on his face.

This is waaay better than the, "I WANT to have bad behaviour" grumbles of last year. 

The Merit Chart

His teacher has a system in her classroom of merit stickers. (Ironically, I don't particularly like merit stickers and reward systems, but hey, it's her classroom.) In week 1 Bright Eyes told me in a very grumpy voice that he didn't want his merit chart. 

"Well, you'd better tell the teacher," I said. "Don't complain to me." It turns out that he did tell her and she, the wise woman, said, "OK," and threw it in the bin. 

Three days ago, I forgot about my self imposed ban on asking how school was going, and said, "So, what was something good in your day?" He smiled. "Good behaviour! I've decided to have my merit chart."


He took part in the class assembly presentation yesterday, showing off his Tourist Poster for Australia (gobsmacked that he actually made one to begin with) and saying about it: "I feel good because it's popular overall."

Then he described the entire class's artwork to the assembly, declaring the little script loudly and with incredible emphasis and ups and downs in his intonation.

Then, he had a star part in a little drama group, acting out ads for Australian products. (His was for Weetbix. Apparently Weetbix turns wimps into rockstars. Oh yeah.)

At Home

And it's not just good at school. At home he's been generally kind to his brother, happy with his sister and delighted to spend time with the baby. We had one spack where he wanted to throw away the Kinect because he couldn't beat the 'pro' in golf, but I managed to send him off for a power nap and that afternoon he was fine. He's been reasonably considerate of others and a little bit interested in other people's experiences as well. 

I woke up with a sore shoulder one morning and he said, "How did you do that?" and "Poor mum. You have a sore shoulder a lot. You should go to bed." 


I'm very thankful for these gifts. Prayer has been behind them, and the right treatment has been achieving them.