The four hour doctor marathon

We went up to Sydney to see Bright Eyes' GP today, she with the particular interest and expertise in autism and neurological stuff.  It takes 2.5 hours to get there, and we were there for four hours before doing the long trek home again, so it was a big day.

The four hours was not just for Bright Eyes. His brother was being tested for auditory processing disorder (yes, he has it) and she suggested he also be tested for food intolerances as well as his diet is just SO bad. She also saw my big girl (we discovered she has just about no reflexes in her right leg. Odd. Why? We don't know...) so I am pretty tired.

We have to increase the fish oil and the zinc, and massively increase the SAMe. We are also going to add lithium (he is VERY low) and iodine as well as some iron drops. Unfortunately I'm going to have to make three little potions per day for him instead of just one, so that will take some organisation.

My doctor has read my book, Love, Tears & Autism and every time I see her she says, "Don't forget to make notes on this. One day you're going to write a sequel. This boy is going to get better." I actually believe her. I'm looking forward to the day. 

Just for the record, we have restarted RDI after a year out to try to help Bright Eyes biomedically. I think we are making enough progress now that we can get back to the regular program of working towards developmental objectives. Right now the current objective is all about learning about what makes people like you. A quick investigation revealed that he really doesn't have a clue what makes people like others. He thinks simply playing handball is going to do it in the friends departmentk, so we are going to do some visuals on it and do some role play using good ol' Papa Smurf.