Thumbs up for turning 9

It's Bright Eyes' birthday today and he is So Happy About It. He bounced down the stairs, smiled at everyone all morning and got himself ready for school completely independently by 7.55am. "Max is going to call out my name for birthdays in assembly," he said, grinning. 

When he opened his presents he actually looked at each of them and showed some enthusiasm. He kind of remembered to say thank you (with a tiny prompt) and didn't ask if there were any more at the end. He was nice to everyone and decided to pray for a little girl in his class who wasn't going to be there to eat his cupcakes for some reason.

It's been quite a year.

We've seen a lot of progress despite the usual two steps forward one step back routine and I'm very happy with where he's at right now. He's mostly chirpy, cheerful, competent, self-confident and capable. He's also spending more time outside by choice and he's eating more healthily. All great things.

It was such a blessing to find the new doctor, despite the long trek up to the other side of Sydney to see her and the hours and hours spent in her rooms. Things have really moved ahead beautifully with the change in his chemical and nutritional balance, and the sound therapy for his auditory processing disorder. 

I'm feeling happy and when I light a sparkler tonight and twirl it around in the dark I'll be thanking God for his help this year.