Money isn't everything, says Bright Eyes

'Lions and tigers don't rely on money'This week Year 3 have been doing speeches at school. Bright Eyes brought his home yesterday, apparently to practice for the presentation today, from which two children would be picked to represent the school in a local public speaking competition. 

"What's your speech about?" I asked.

"Money isn't everything," he said. "But I'm not going to practice. It's private. School only."

So I took it out of his bag and read it. Here's how it went.

Money isn't everything

You know that money isn't everything. There are more important things in life such as love and care, caring for the poor people and fun and freeness in nature.

Oxygen is free from trees. So stop chopping trees down!

Money isn't important when you are feeling sad or angry because your parents can still love you and care for you. Hugs are free!!!!

There is fun and freeness around you. You can play in a cubby in the backyard for free. You can enjoy nature and smell the fresh air. You can feel the wind around you. These things are free. Not even the richest people can buy them.

Lions and tigers don't rely on money. They leap and run fast and catch their own food. You can catch a fish with a fishing rod for free.

Some rich people keep their own money. I think that it's more important to use money to help the poor people. It's better to give money away.

I believe that money isn't everything because you can't buy hugs or nature. It's more important to give money to the poor than to keep it for yourself. The money, well, that isn't everything.

His teacher's aide said that she helped him with structure but not content. Personally I liked the 'fun and freeness all around you'. How cute.

He was confident and delivered it well this morning. I guess there are up sides to having a booming voice and very distinct articulation. Sadly for him, he didn't get selected to go on to the next level, but he did come third in his year, with a lovely score of 19 out of 30. We were delighted.