Holiday visits and packing

Off to grandma's with his sister.My mum rang up last week to invite the children to have a couple of nights at their place over the holidays so lucky us got to drive to Sydney to drop three of the four off for two whole nights! 

Bright Eyes has been before, of course, and was very happy to go, but every other time I packed all his things and got him ready. This time I worked with him to write a list of "the supplies" (his words) that he would need, and then got him to pack them.

He chose the biggest suitcase in the house, but I didn't query it as he seemed rather pleased with himself, and besides, apparently he needed the room to pack his pillow inside. Everything that was in the list got into the bag except for undies, so we sorted that out. Then he said, "I'll just get my goggles." (Unfortunately he forgot, and when we got there to discover this, I was a little worried that he might freak out, but his sister said that she would share hers and he seemed happy enough about that.)

When it came time to actually pack, he started yelling at me for about a minute, saying, "When you tell me what to do, you wreck my life and you just tell lies! It's all lies!" but I ignored him and pretty soon he was into the packing and getting what he needed, and then asking me to find him some undies, so I was pretty pleased with that result.

Hopefully he has a great time with the grandparents. I'm certainly looking forward to a little bit of peace around here for a couple of days!