The Whole Brain Child: our brain book

A few months ago I read The Whole Brain Child by Daniel Siegel and got inspired to share it with my kids so I photocopied the cartoon sections meant for children and stuck them into scrapbooks for each of my boys to read.

We started off reading them together at night, but Bright Eyes got bored and I got busy so I forgot about it until now. We discovered it under other books on his desk this week and he's been asking for it every night since. 

Yesterday we read about what Siegel calls 'Mindsight' which is seeing both what's in your own mind and seeing what's in other people's minds. 

I made a tired face and said, "Can you guess what's in my mind?" He looked for a second and said, "You're not interested." Then I asked him what was in his mind and he did what I call his ZZZT Electricity Move - he made a funny face and said, "All crazy stuff."

It'll be interesting to ask him more about what's inside his mind over the next few weeks. I'd really like him to become more aware and articulate about what he's feeling and thinking inside and, as with most things, it has to start in small ways.