"It's too hard to fit in"

Odd, the places in which you have some of the most interesting conversations. Bright Eyes was sitting on the toilet tonight while we had the following exchange.

Him: "Mum, I was at the 'I don't want to' step today."

Me: (thinking of a little picture we have on the kitchen wall) "What didn't you want to do?"

Him: "I was at the 'I don't want to' with fitting in."

Me: "Oh. I see. Fitting in. What were you fitting in to?"

Him: "The group. I don't like working in groups."

Me: "Which group was it?"

Him: "It's not my friends. I fit in with my friends. I fit in with Ewan. It's just the reading group."

Me: "Oh, you mean your reading groups in class?"

Him: "Yes. I just cant fit in. Even though I'm obsessed with it."

Me: "You're obsessed?"

Him: "Yes. What does obsessed mean?"

Me: "Can't stop thinking about it." (We then traverse off to a small aside about obsession with Batman)

Me: "What were you supposed to be doing in the group?"

Him: "The School Magazine activity, page 30. But they wouldn't let me read the comics part."

Me: "Who wouldn't? Were you supposed to be reading it in the group?"

Him: (down at mouth) "No. But I wanted to and they wouldn't let me. I just want to have fun."

Me: "Oh. That's hard."

Him: "Yeah, everyone wants to tell me what to do all the time."

Me: "Oh. Do they?" 

Him: "I spend a lot of time on my own."

Me: "Do you mind? Are you sad about it?"

Him: "No. I like it on my own. I get to mind my own business."

Me: "Oh, okay."

Him: "But I wish I could fit in. It's really hard to fit in."

Me: "It is hard, especially for some people. You need to learn some skills to do it. I can help you though if you want to."

Him: "Nah, I'd rather do it on my own."