Dear lovely readers...


I hope you know that I love you. Yes, you, right now, reading this blog. You mean very much to me. Your time is precious, your priorities are important and you obviously have great taste in blogs. (That last one was a joke. Not that I'd have to tell you. You're probably pretty up with my sense of humour already if you've been reading here for a while.)

Here's the thing. 

I'm going to ask for your help.


What I *really* mean is, 'cos you know, we like to be honest above all else here, I'm going to ask for your money.

In five days time I'm submitting a grant application to the NSW government. It's for the kind of money that would go HEAPS FAR to helping me become a much better writer than I am now. Up to this point, I've been a hack. I've learned stuff here and there, picked it up in bits and pieces. But I'd love to go and learn some more, stretch myself, improve my skills and work with some great mentors. 

In 18 months, I could write something that is not just readable, but actually really, really, good.

The NSW Government being what and who they are, have decided that if you want to apply for a grant, you have to have *other* money behind the 'project'. (Who are they kidding? No Grant? No Project, as far as I'm concerned.) But I want the grant. So I've got to find some money. And I've resorted to what Baz Luhrmann would call in my favourite all-time movie, Strictly Ballroom, "FLASHY, CROWD-PLEASING STEPS". 

Ie. I'm doing the unthinkable.

Ie. I'm asking for help from my friends and readers. 

The Rub: I'm creating a Fund via 'crowd-funding' and trying to raise $3000 to support my grant application.

It's not just all 'me, me, me' by the way. First, you get to pick the reward you'd like when you pledge your gift. Second, If I don't reach the target, I don't get any of your money. Third, if I get the money, but not the grant, I'm giving it to charity. So either way, donations are being used for something good. (IE. YOU CAN'T LOSE! )

So. If you've ever benefited from something I've written (which I sincerely hope has been the case, otherwise I should pack up shop right now) and if you have a lee-eetle bit of cash sitting in your wallet asking to be spent on something worthwhile (money is so honourable, isn't it?) would you consider helping me out and joining my Crowd-funding cause?

To do it, you'll have to click here and go to this page

That's Here. Or This Page. (Just making sure the link is obvious...)

On that page, there's a bit of a spiel about what I'm doing and why. Then there's a 'pledge now' button, and then there's a sample of the sort of thing I'm thinking about writing. (Hmmm. Maybe pledge first, then read it, because if you don't like it, you won't help me, will you... )

Anyway, dear lovely readers. Or reader, as in the case of you, specific person, reading this right now. Yes, you. I'd really appreciate your help. Because I really appreciate you. 

Ps. the whole thing ends on Sunday. So thats, um, 5 days or less? And after that, I'll probably never ask you for help *cough* I mean, money, ever again. 



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