2019: Structural and Line Editing of Memoir: 'Beyond the Shadows'

After a long, arduous search looking for an editor for my manuscripts, I was directed to Cecily Paterson. I browsed her website and immediately fell in love with what she does. Cecily edited my first and now second manuscript providing constructive feedback and areas of development making me a better writer today. She polished, clean up and gave my story a new light. Your insights, assessments and expertise are what’s pushing me to become a great writer like you someday — what an excellent job. Being a novice writer, I was worried about my style of writing and what areas of development I need. Thank you for understanding my style of writing and helping me grow better in that genre. I can’t stop reading my memoir you’ve just edited. You’ve made my story come to life and added the hidden spark it needed to stand out. You are gifted and talented in what you do. Thank you again, Cecily.

~ Catherine Loppy, Author