My prayers for the baby's delivery

I wrote this prayer about 10 weeks before the due date, and prayed it regularly for the remainder of the pregnancy. Everything happened exactly the way I wrote it - including down to the weight of the baby- except that the boys were being looked after at church, not at school. As for 'easy' labour - well, in comparison to the previous ones, it was! 



I believe that, under God’s sovereign hand,

Our baby will be born at 39 weeks,

while the children are at school

At between 8 and 9 pounds

With a short, easy, active, joyful and fulfilling labour.

She will present in the normal way and

There will be no need for stitches or pain relief


I believe that God will keep and sustain me in the weeks leading up to

And going through the labour and birth.

And that I will defeat fear, shock and trauma, with the power of his word, and of Jesus blood.


I believe that God will keep the baby’s heartrate steady

keep the cord away from her neck

hold her safe as she descends down and out to her new life


I believe that God will give me internal directions

hold my uterus strong and fit with no ruptures

comfort and secure me in his hiding place

keep me free from dehydration and any medical interventions

reassure me of his presence


I believe that this birth will mark the beginning of a new life for me as well as the baby,

Will heal old hurts

And will be the pattern for my daughters as they give birth in the future.


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