My weird birth dream

I dream vividly every night, but I always know that the dreams I need to take notice of are the ones that I can't shake in the morning. They stay with me all day and niggle me to think about them.

I had a number of vivid dreams in the months leading up to the birth, but the one that helped me through the labour saw me riding a horse with a small child next to the beach. We rounded into a cove with huge cliffs behind . I saw a huge wave approaching the cove and realised that we were going to be trapped. Everyone else ran away, including our horse, and the small child and I were left alone to face what looked like a tsunami. 

I said, "Don't worry, it will be ok," to the child, and lay down on the sand to wait for the wave. As the water came down, I took a breath, and then I realised we could both keep breathing even while the water was all over us. I managed to relax and felt ok, and woke up. 

During the labour, if I felt overwhelmed, I remembered the wave and thought, "it's ok, I can still breathe. It won't kill us."

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