Excursion wrapup

Bright Eyes got off the bus, home from his overnight school excursion happy and calm. He had a great time. and told the teacher that he rated it 9 out of 10. (Perhaps that final point was lost because his teacher made him eat eggs for breakfast. "I'm not into them," he told her. "I'm not into Barbies," she said. "But you've got to eat those eggs." He put his head down and shovelled eggs into his mouth.)

He coped with two days of traipsing around Sydney, with sharing a room with four other boys, with managing his own possessions and with eating different food. His teacher said that there were no dramas at all (apart from the eggs, but I don't think that really qualifies as a drama - I've seen worse) and said that he was the least of her issues on the trip.

So hooray. He's come home, brimming with confidence and having grown in confidence. What a great fortnight he's had. I'm extremely happy!