Papa Smurf

This is Papa Smurf. He is a new addition to our household and he and Bright Eyes are great friends.  

Their relationship began in the gift shop at Seaworld. Bright Eyes had been given $20 to spend by his grandparents. Grandma was expecting that he might perhaps buy presents for the rest of the family, left behind in normal-land. However, she didn't count on the fact that Papa Smurf could cast spells.

"Papa Smurf cast a spell on me in the shop," explained Bright Eyes. "He knew that he wanted to come home with me, so he cast a spell on me so I would buy him. He knew he would be happy at our house."

According to Grandma, Papa Smurf was the only thing Bright Eyes looked at and there was no persuading him into anything else, so the $15 was duly spent and Papa Smurf joined the family.

So far, he's been very useful. He really is a person with a voice of his own, and he can be very helpful in persuading Bright Eyes to think or act in suitable ways. He's good at helping Bright Eyes to think through his emotions and actions and he gives good, calming hugs. 

I'm pretty pleased that Papa Smurf is on the scene. He's a pretty good influence. He even thinks that Bright Eyes should eat more vegetables and is happy to tell him so. And, amazingly, Bright Eyes will listen to everything he says.